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Our Story

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away that the locals called Madison, Wisconsin, a beautiful, young author named Cori Deyoe started writing a book. She poured her heart and soul into that romance, and after she penned the words THE END on the last page, she carefully packaged up the masterpiece and sent it on its way to New York City, the place where dreams begin. To her delight, the novel was bought by Silhouette Books!

To say Cori’s family was proud was an understatement. But, no one was prouder than Cori’s niece, Michelle. You see, Michelle had always looked up to her loving aunt. Michelle was in high school when the contract was signed, and Cori went on to write two more books for Silhouette.


Michelle was in awe. She decided that she, too, would someday be a writer. So, she graduated from high school, earned a degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin – Madison (Go Bucky!), and thought she was soon to follow in Cori’s footsteps.

But, alas, things quickly changed! While Michelle was in college, she worked for the UW Hospital’s Purchasing Department. And, she discovered some very intriguing creatures – salespeople. “What a great job,” she thought. “Going out and selling a product that you believe in. Developing relationships with amazing people along the way? That’s the job for me.”

So, Michelle started selling. Computers, to be exact. And, while she loved everything that had to do with sales, computers just weren’t her thing.

In the meantime, Cori had a health scare that kept her from her passion – the written word. When she was given a clean bill of health, Cori, Michelle, Michelle’s Mom and Grandma formed a critique group to get Cori back into writing.

And, while Michelle loved everything there was about the writing process – brainstorming, critiquing, editing – writing just wasn’t her thing. She told Cori that she would rather sell her stuff than to write her own.


Then she heard the magical words. “Michelle, there are people who do sell author’s manuscripts for a living.”


And, thus, a new dream was born. Michelle knew this was the career for her. After a ton of research, in August 2000, Michelle took a giant leap and opened the doors to the 3 Seas Literary Agency.


Five years later, 3 Seas was booming. Michelle was ready to expand her agency. Cori had always been an integral part of the business on the inside, and after seeing all the fun that Michelle was having working with her authors and helping to build their careers, Cori decided she wanted to agent as well.


Michelle and Cori searched high and low for a third member of their agent team and waited until they found the perfect match. In 2020, luck was on their side when they found Stacey! 


And, as in any great story, they are living happily ever after!


Carol "Honey" Krueger

1933 - 2020

Our story was written by our family's amazing matriarch. We love and miss you, Honey!

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