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Lizzie Shane

A movie junkie and book nerd for as long as she can remember, Lizzie Shane graduated from college and headed off to forge her way in the entertainment industry - an attempt which lasted about five seconds. Following her brief and ill-advised jaunt into Showbiz, Lizzie returned home to Alaska where she would continue to be fascinated by pop culture from the safety of her couch, while pursuing her other great love - fiction writing.

She first became intrigued by the sociology experiment that is reality television with the eighth season of Survivor (the one where Boston Rob and Amber found true love in the wild!) and she's been hooked ever since. It was only a matter of time before she found her romance writing addiction intersecting with her reality TV fascination.

Her Reality Romance series launched in 2015 with Marrying Mister Perfect and in the years since she has released a dozen contemporary romance titles and been honored to be named a finalist three times for the Romance Writers of America® RITA Award for Best Contemporary Romance.

Lizzie has also won RWA's Golden Heart Award and continues to write paranormal romance under the name Vivi Andrews.

She can often be found on Facebook, gushing and groaning about her favorite books and the latest episodes of The Bachelor, Survivor, and So You Think You Can Dance.

Lizzie Shane

Represented by:

Michelle Grajkowski

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