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Kristin Wollett

Kristin Wollett’s main goal in life is to make people laugh. While she’s been an actor for over a decade in her “real job”, she also writes romantic comedies, then dreams about who she can bribe to make them into movies. She’s won a few awards for her screenwriting, and you can still see her mug on Comedy Central if you don’t blink. She lives in Florida with her husband and five young children, and navigates life with an ample supply of dry shampoo, copious amounts of espresso, and the occasional bottle of wine. Her top Gallup Strengths are Relator, Input, Activator, Belief and Developer, and she’s an 8w7 Inneagram. Her go-to karaoke song is Black Velvet and she hates being cold. 

You can find her here:

Kristin Wollett

Represented by:

Stacey Graham

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