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Jenna Barton

After many years spent onstage mouthing the words of other writers, Jenna Barton found her own voice while playing with an on-line community of mouthy broads. Writing down her own stories proved to be far more satisfying than dodging the human and inanimate hazards that come with backstage life, and alleviated the need to walk and talk and gesture while inhabiting 89.37% of someone elses reality.

Now mostly settled into a life of carpool lanes and checkout lines, Jenna happily resides in suburbia with her husband and their two children. Sadly there are no drooly, furry, corpulent lapdogs at Chez Barton. For now. For. Now.

Jenna is represented by Michelle Grajkowski of 3 Seas Literary Agency.

Jenna Barton

Represented by:

Michelle Grajkowski

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