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Jason and Kim Kotecki

Jason Kotecki is a professional reminder-er and permission granter who moonlights as an artist, author and professional speaker. Jason and his wife Kim have made it their mission in life to help people and organizations break free from Adultitis to build better lives, businesses, and teams.

Jason's colorful art has been collected and licensed all over the world, and his insights have been featured in publications like Inc. and Woman’s Day. He is the author of six books, including Penguins Can't Fly + 39 Other Rules That Don't Exist, which has been translated into languages he can’t even read.

As a speaker, Jason works with organizations to beat burnout and become more innovative by breaking rules that don't exist. He is recognized by the National Speakers Association as a Certified Speaking Professional® (CSP). Only the top 10% of speakers in the world have this designation, which is the profession’s highest earned international measure of platform competence, ethical standards, and proven track record of expertise and excellence.

Ultimately, Jason creates art, observations, and experiences that give people hope and the freedom to live joyfully. His greatest desire is to use his talents to share God's love and impact lives by inspiring, entertaining and encouraging people to rekindle their childlike spirit and create the life they were made for.

An avid eater of sugar-laden cereal, Jason enjoys Star Wars, soft t-shirts, and brand new tubes of paint. He and Kim homeschool their three weird kids and live in Madison, Wisconsin where they eat way too many cheese curds.

Jason and Kim Kotecki

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