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Devon Vaughn Archer

R. Barri Flowers has enjoyed reading books since the earliest age, starting with the Hardy Boys Adventures, which also fueled his passion to become a writer. He started out with short mystery, romance, and sci fi stories, selling to small and regional magazines. His big break as an author came when his thesis, Criminal Jurisdiction In Indian Country, was published in book form.

Since that time Barri has gone on to become a bestselling author of more than one hundred books of fiction and nonfiction. He has been published with St. Martin’s Press, Dorchester, Harlequin, Prometheus Books, McFarland, and Greenwood Press, among others. His forte is crime and thriller fiction and young adult mysteries, along with mystery anthologies, criminology, and true crime books.

In recent years, Barri has broadened his range as a novelist even further in writing mainstream and contemporary romance novels as Devon Vaughn Archer.

Barri is the recipient of the 2006 Wall of Fame Award from Michigan State University’s renowned School of Criminal Justice for his lifelong contribution to literature and criminology.

He lives in the breathtaking Pacific Northwest with his college sweetheart and now wife, where they enjoy the simple things in life, reading, relaxing, exercise, and traveling, with the Hawaiian Islands of Maui and Oahu their favorite destinations.

To date, Barri has sold sixteen titles through 3 Seas Literary Agency, including Persuasive Evidence, Justice Served, and Masters of True Crime.

Devon Vaughn Archer

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Michelle Grajkowski

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