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Daniel James

Hi! I'm Daniel James and I write ​so many weird books. I began my writing journey as a child when my family members would write down the many stories I would tell. I had already fallen in love with story telling when my dad and I used to make up bedtime stories together. At the age of ten, I wrote my first novel, and by middle school, I was committed to becoming an author. I followed through with this dream by earning my BA in English with an Emphasis on Creative Writing, and MFA in Book Art from Mills College. In my spare time, I make books, design silly stickers, and run my small business: Red Thorn Press. 
I have written and published two titles on tapas, RESPECTFULLY YOURS, and FORGET ME (NOT), which are explorations of identity and navigating the world while queer. As a queer and trans writer myself, I find comfort in writing about the intersections of my own identities, and I hope that others can find comfort in those discoveries as well. Although I typically prefer to write YA fantasy, I have found a nice little home in contemporary and I plan to stay for a while. My third tapas title, REQUIEM OF THE DIVINE, is coming in April of 2023.

Daniel James

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