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Cassandra Carlson

Cassandra Carlson wrote her first book at the age of fourteen. While her writing has matured since then, her taste in fantasy has not. YA fiction with kind, strong leads, swoon-worthy love interests, and gray villains will always be worth staying up for.

She's won a nation-wide First Pages contest, and has learned how to handle criticism from her excellent critique group.

Cassandra lives in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains in Utah, with her best-friend/husband Cameron and adoring-fan/other-best-friend/daughter Callie. When not cleaning teeth as a dental hygienist, she’s often cleaning people’s clocks via online gaming.

Her greatest dream is for one of her novels to inspire another young novelist the way childhood books did for her.



Cassandra Carlson

Represented by:

Cori Deyoe

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