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Stacey Graham

Literary Agent

Stacey Graham has worked both sides of the literary door as a humor writer with the wickedly funny Zombie Tarot, screenwriter, ghostwriter, short story writer, and specializes in offbeat nonfiction. She loves working with writers at all stages of their careers, representing talented authors and illustrators from around the globe in picture books, middle grade, romance, graphic novels, and nonfiction. She is a member of the Association of American Literary Agents.

Her current wishlist includes:

  • Adult — Romance (referral only)

  • Nonfiction — I’m looking for fun, quirky, fascinating topics with strong commercial appeal and a great platform. Specifically looking for how-to books, antiques, craft books, cook books, lifestyle and pets

  • Graphic novels — YA/Adult

  • Mystery

  • Commercial Fiction

  • Humor

  • Pop culture

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