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Kara Grajkowski

Literary Agent

As a child, I remember trips to the post office with my mom, Michelle Grajkowski, multiple times a week to fill our minivan trunk with tons of white USPS bins for her new (super cool) literary agency. The bins would end up in the dark, scary, basement room next to our playroom. I always wondered what secrets were typed in mom’s manuscripts… Years later, as I scanned through the library of mom’s published books in a different dark, scary room in our basement, I fell in love with the secrets that I was learning with every page I turned. Now, as an adult, I have become obsessed with bringing secrets out of the basement library and into my (very colorful) elementary classroom library. When I am not teaching fractions and key details, you can find me singing, trying new restaurants, exploring with my corgis, Momo & Georgie, or finding the best bargains. 

If you are ready to bring your secrets into the world with me (preferably into well-lit, not-so-scary rooms), query me!


  • Contemporary Middle Grade Fiction

  • Contemporary YA Fiction

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