What We Look For In Query Submissions


  • A beginning hook that mesmerizes us and forces us to keep reading.

  • A fresh voice with a writing style that fits the tone of the story.

  • Interesting new plots and ideas. If writing for the category romance market, the overall theme must fit the publisher’s formula. (Note: Tip sheets are available online or by mail from most romance publishers.)

  • Strong dialogue that will pull the reader into the story. Dialogue MUST move the story along. If it isn’t essential to the story, delete it.

  • Well-developed, strong characters.

  • A page-turning story.

  • A manuscript minus clichés and purple prose.

  • Correct pacing. Scenes that follow a logical sequence.

  • A well-researched plot! This is VITAL to every type of manuscript. When in doubt: research, research, research! There is nothing that pulls the reader out of a story quicker than a statement the reader knows is incorrect.

  • An author who is confident, friendly and enthusiastic about his/her work and is willing to make editorial changes if necessary.

  • The number one thing we require is professionalism.