Improve Your Manuscript

Write a Catchy Query Letter

  • Be original!

  • Tell the agent how you heard about them.

  • Research. Make sure to address your query to a specific agent who specializes in your type of writing.

  • Briefly describe the plot of your manuscript.

  • Make sure to include the number of words in your manuscript.

    • Also include the type of manuscript and the publisher and line you are targeting, if applicable.​

  • Bios get your foot in the door. Mention any published works you may have.

  • Describe any expertise you have on the subject you’re writing about.

  • Be brief. A one-page query letter is best.

Write a Great Synopsis

  • The synopsis for fiction works should include the beginning, the conflicts, the resolutions and the ending.

  • It must be written in the present tense.

  • A synopsis represents you and your work. Take your time, make it interesting, read it out loud, and wherever necessary, improve…improve…improve it, until you are happy with the final result

Be Patient!

  • We read every submission we receive, however, due to the extremely high volume, it may take up to twelve weeks to hear a response. Please be patient with us as we give your work the attention it deserves.  You should receive an automatic response that we have received your email.

  • We will be in touch!! Read more about submissions on our "Submissions" page.