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Jamie Ball

Jamie is the author / illustrator / creator of Professor Humblebee and the Worldwide Society of Scientists, an action adventure comic-book series about a clumsy botanical explorer and his colleagues. The Worldwide society of Scientists are an ever-growing group of scientific professionals from diverse backgrounds all over the world. They are dedicated to the study and protection of planet Earth, so why not join them on their many exciting adventures? Curious? Down-right quizzical? Then scream their motto loud and proud; RESPECT THE PLANET!

Jamie is a professional children’s book designer and has worked on over thirty illustrated non-fiction titles which have been published in many languages all over the world. He has made books about politics, climate change, space exploration, classical music, the renaissance, travel, and maps. Some books he has worked on have been short-listed for and won awards including the Royal Society of Science Young people’s Book prize, the British School Library Association Award, the British Book Award and the Junior Magazine Design Award.

Jamie’s big dream is that every person in the world takes scientists very seriously when they say we are in the midst of a climate crisis. Only together can we make the planet a better place.

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