Linda Saether

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Originally from Norway, Linda Saether is a medical doctor, author and playwright. She admits that she wanted to be a writer from the time her middle school teachers read her essays out loud, and her classmates surprised her by asking for more. Although she never stopped writing, raising a family and working in medicine, was her world for many years.Intrigued by life in different historical eras, she loves to write about characters challenged by the issues of their times, and feels that it is the human factors that makes history come alive.For the sake of an article, her steadfast determination led her to obtain an invitation to the Pope’s reading room where she was able to hold Henry VIII’s love letters to Anne Boleyn in her own hands, being the first individual in hundreds of years to have the letters retrieved from the Vatican archives for her personal perusal.Although much of her writing is about the Tudor period, her debut novel, “The Apothecary’s Niece” takes place in St. Augustine, Florida, in the 1760’s, where the Hannah Stafford’s epic love story begins to unfold in the midst of upheavals that threaten her life.Although she is well traveled and speaks several languages, Linda Saether believes that the best of times are those spent with loved ones, days that allow long hours of writing, the practice of yoga, and time to play with her beloved dogs, Charlie and Marley.