Eric Bonholtzer

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Eric Bonholtzer’s work has appeared in numerous publications across multiple formats. He is a University of Southern California (USC) graduate with a Master’s Degree in English from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Eric has received many awards for his writing, including taking first place in both the fiction and poetry categories of the College Language Association Creative Writing Contest, as well as receiving the Ted Pugh Poetry Award. He is the author of the interactive novel/text-based game, It’s Killing Time, where players are put in the shoes of a high-priced, world-traveling assassin. It’s Killing Time reached the Top Ten best-selling RPG lists of both the iTunes App Store and Google Play/Android. Eric’s recent short story collection, Enter the Abyss, was well received. His work has appeared in dozens of anthologies, and he has been a regular contributor to several national magazines. He is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.In addition to his passion for writing, Eric is also a successful civil litigation trial attorney. He is a partner at the law firm of Ball and Bonholtzer. In his spare time, Eric enjoys jiu-jistu, muay thai, weight lifting, world travel, and outdoor sports.